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Time for Change Foundation offers emergency shelter housing, permanent – supportive housing, and affordable housing for families and individuals. You can view our headquarters, housing programs, emergency housing for women & children, and our Phoenix Square and Mountain view housing locations. Our programs are designed to help women and children have a safe, welcome, and warm environment to get back on their feet.

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The mission of Time for Change Foundation is to empower disenfranchised low-income individuals and families by building leadership through evidence-based programs and housing to create self-sufficiency and thriving communities.







TFCF is the national model of excellence for creating self-sufficient families and thriving communities which have quality education and training programs, housing and employment programs, effective family reunification programs, and so much more.


Our shared belief in the mission is the foundation upon which we execute our commitment to the success of Time for Change Foundation. We believe in the following to be true and in line with some of our core values like respect, compassion, integrity, and professionalism.


At Time for Change Foundation, we provide several services to our clients, and local communities. Our services are focused on our mission and commitment of empowering disenfranchised low-income individuals and families


Our main goal is that families transition into permanent housing with the capability to maintain housing where a family can thrive

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We offer programs to our clients to prepare them for obstacles they may face when they reach the ability to live on their own.

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We provide education, counseling, and therapy to help our clients overcome alcohol and/or other drug abuse challenges.

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Offering leadership development and civic engagement empowering women to be the change they want to see in their family.

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We are trailblazers in creating a housing model providing low-income housing and a safe place where local families can thrive.

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Offering training and projects for clients and partners wanting to make a positive change for themselves and their community.

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Cynthia’s Story

Removed from her mother’s custody, and fostered by her Nana as a youth, Cynthia dealt with neglect, emotional trauma, and abuse as a child. After her Nana’s advanced age forced a return to her mother, she began to witness her mother’s addiction firsthand. This normalization of substance abuse led to more trauma, and a relationship where she would begin using herself for the first time at 22. Now a mother, and still dealing with untreated emotional traumas, drugs became a craving and release from everyday struggles. Cynthia entered into an abusive relationship, where she lost track of the days in her addiction. She lost track of herself. She lost her freedom —multiple times. Ultimately, she lost her children. However, since coming to Time for Change Foundation, Cynthia began individual counseling, and is now employed. She began visits with her children, and now, they’ve been completely reunified, moving into an apartment together. They attend family therapy, working to create a bond that was missing in her addiction. Cynthia has gained self confidence, and smiles now. “I’ve learned who Cynthia is,” she tells us. She feels freer than she ever has, and gives thanks God for showing her the bottom so she’d find the strength to climb up.

Star’s Story

Referring to her early life as a “roller coaster,” Star was determined to be the best mother to her son, Ze’veon. She did everything she could to care for him, but he was taken from her on his very first birthday. “Before I could explain my side of the story, they were driving away with my baby.” She was determined to fight to be reunited with her child. She was given a list of things to do for reunification but after six months, she had missed two parenting classes, and three drug tests. The judge decided to take away her parental rights. Consumed with guilt, Star would immediately fall into a life of recidivism, acting out and finding herself incarcerated within the month. Two years later she paroled out, only to return within six months. With two strikes and a newly discovered battle against not only addiction, but mental health issues, Star channeled her guilt, and her untreated trauma into blaming others. Expecting a lengthier sentence, she was surprised with early release, and while waiting to meet her probation officer called Time for Change Foundation. At first it was an address for parole and probation but after spending time in the program her intentions have changed. Star is learning how to live a life of structure and meeting all of the requirements to be able to reunify with her son. Since being at TFCF she now has hope that she can remain out of incarceration, maintain her sobriety, and reach self-sufficiency. This leads to “...the beginning of a new, and improved life. Change is coming.”

Marguerite’s Story

Marguerite and her sisters were raised in a home where addiction fueled violence and indifference. At first it was her father, an alcoholic, beating her mother while she hid in a closet. After her father left them, her hope for normal life was shattered as her mother coped by turning to drugs. The spiral down was swift and homelessness became her reality. By her junior year of high school she was pregnant and herself in a relationship with a violent man. Not wanting that life for her child she fled, pregnant for the second time. After some time she married and had two more children, but the marriage would end after 4 years. Battling through poverty, she took every visit with her children as a gift, and even though living in her car, found work. Marguerite had learned that children under 5 years of age will be reunified with parents or adopted out, but they could not remain in foster care for over 12 months. Marguerite couldn’t wait, she had four children in the system, and three were under the age of 5. She had under half a year to secure her children. Hopeless, she searched through her belongings to find a business card for Kim Carter from a women at the jail. Brighter Futures led to changing her life. She began overnight visits with her children and in early 2021 was granted custody of her two oldest children. Today, Marguerite is happy, working to better herself. She has put together the pieces of hope shattered so early in her life and “can see brighter futures.”


Time for Change Foundation on  ODM & Evelyn In The Morning

Time for Change Foundation on ODM & Evelyn In The Morning

What's Happening: Taraji P Henson & Jennifer Hudson's IE Connection Source: 991KGGI Gone Hollywood: A local non-profit founder is about to get the Hollywood treatment, with her real-life story being turned into a film. Kim Carter, founder of the “Time for Change Foundation” in San Bernardino will have her story directed by Taraji P Henson and Kim will be portrayed...

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Taraji P Henson to direct Jennifer Hudson in Tell It Like a Woman anthology

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Kim Carter Story To Be Told In ‘Tell it Like a Woman’ Anthology

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Time for Change Foundation can only exist because of the support from people just like you. With your involvement, we can continue to empower disenfranchised low income individuals and families through evidence-based programs and housing locations creating self-sufficiency and thriving communities. It’s not the time for giving up, but the time for positive change! See how you can get involved today.


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