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The mission of Time for Change Foundation is to empower disenfranchised low income individuals and families by building leadership through evidence-based programs and housing to create self-sufficiency and thriving communities.


TFCF is the national model of excellence for creating self-sufficient families and thriving communities which have quality education and training programs, housing and employment programs, effective family reunification programs, and so much more!


Our shared belief in the mission is the foundation upon which we execute our commitment to the success of Time for Change Foundation. We believe in the following to be true and in line with some of our core values like respect, compassion, integrity, and professionalism.


At Time for Change Foundation, we provide a number of services to our clients and local communities. Our services are focused around our mission and commitment of empowering disenfranchised low income individuals and families


Our main goal is that families transition into permanent housing with the capability to maintain housing where a family can thrive

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We offer programs to our clients to prepare them for obstacles they may face when they reach the ability to live on their own.

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We provide education, counseling, and therapy to help our clients overcome alcohol and/or other drug abuse challenges.

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Offering leadership development and civic engagement empowering women to be the change they want to see in their family.

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We are trailblazers in creating a housing model providing low-income housing and a safe place where local families can thrive.

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Offering training and projects for clients and partners wanting to make a positive change for themselves and their community.

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Ilka’s Story

After being incarcerated for so long I did not realize that I was institutionalized. TFCF supported me with no attachments and helped me learn how to be free. They understand what it feels like being incarcerated and know exactly what I needed. Throughout my discomforts, outbursts, trials and tribulations, and character defects TFCF continued to lovingly support and guide me. I have been able to receive one-on-one therapy, get 24-hour care when it comes to my needs or questions, and best of all they have provided me with a safe, stable, healthy place to live. I’m also grateful for the Positive Futures program. Without it, I would have never gotten the opportunity to come to Time for Change.

For the first time I am doing things that I never thought of doing. Things such as getting my daughter’s birth certificate for the first time, cooking meals, also going to events and having fun with my daughter. My little one is happy and stable, going to school and spending quality time with a mother that loves her. I now believe in second chances and this would not be possible without Time for Change!

Eileen’s Story
Carde’s Story

Carde Taylor was released from prison on March 20, 2019, after doing over 20 years. After serving so many years in prison with convictions on your record, not being able to find a good job was a serious problem for Carde. Carde’s goals are to enroll in online computer classes and to save enough to have a place of her own, further her education, and continue to build stronger family relationships. She has expressed that Time for Change Foundation has made it possible for her to have a job, and for her to have a home!


A Webinar on Race, Poverty, and Economics

A Webinar on Race, Poverty, and Economics

UC Riverside School of Public Policy: A Webinar on Race, Poverty, and Economics On Wednesday August 5th, 2020 at 11:30 AM, the UCR School of Public Policy hosted a virtual seminar, presented by Kim Carter of Time For Change Foundation. “This webinar is a great opportunity to learn about systemic and economic racism in Southern California,” said Emily Thomas, junior...

Defund Harmful Systems Child Welfare–Fund Family Support

Defund Harmful Systems Child Welfare–Fund Family Support

REPORT BY LISA SANGOI FROM MOVEMENT FOR FAMILY POWER Movement for Family Power works to end the foster system’s policing and punishment of families and to create a world where the dignity and integrity of all families is valued and supported. In Lisa's published report, “Whatever they do, I’m her comfort, I’m her protector.” How the foster system has become...

COVID-19 A New Normal

COVID-19 A New Normal

Moving through the Process Your Support Makes a Difference!Click HERE to Donate Starting my morning off at 9 am used to give me plenty of time to get things done. I set out to work with the women in our Positives Futures 2 (PF2) project with four tasks and by 2:30 pm I have only accomplished one. As Time for...

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Time for Change Foundation can only exist because of the support from people just like you. With your involvement, we can continue to empower disenfranchised low income individuals and families through evidence-based programs and housing locations creating self-sufficiency and thriving communities. It’s not the time for giving up, but the time for positive change! See how you can get involved today.


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