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Introducing: Waking up to my Purpose

This has been an extraordinary journey and I’m so grateful that God allowed me to live to tell my story. My hope is that you will find a connection so deep that the little girl or boy in you will speak up.

This book is about Recovering, Repairing, Repaying and Rejoicing.

When you purchase this book, you are DOUBLING your impact. Half of all the proceeds go directly to benefit Time for Change Foundation.

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Time for Change Foundation offers emergency shelter housing, permanent – supportive housing, and affordable housing for families and individuals. You can view our headquarters, housing programs, emergency housing for women & children, and our Phoenix Square and Mountain view housing locations. Our programs are designed to help women and children have a safe, welcome, and warm environment to get back on their feet.

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The mission of Time for Change Foundation is to empower disenfranchised low-income individuals and families by building leadership through evidence-based programs and housing to create self-sufficiency and thriving communities.







TFCF is the national model of excellence for creating self-sufficient families and thriving communities which have quality education and training programs, housing and employment programs, effective family reunification programs, and so much more.


Our shared belief in the mission is the foundation upon which we execute our commitment to the success of Time for Change Foundation. We believe in the following to be true and in line with some of our core values like respect, compassion, integrity, and professionalism.


At Time for Change Foundation, we provide several services to our clients, and local communities. Our services are focused on our mission and commitment of empowering disenfranchised low-income individuals and families


Our main goal is that families transition into permanent housing with the capability to maintain housing where a family can thrive

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We offer programs to our clients to prepare them for obstacles they may face when they reach the ability to live on their own.

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We provide education, counseling, and therapy to help our clients overcome alcohol and/or other drug abuse challenges.

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Offering leadership development and civic engagement empowering women to be the change they want to see in their family.

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We are trailblazers in creating a housing model providing low-income housing and a safe place where local families can thrive.

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Offering training and projects for clients and partners wanting to make a positive change for themselves and their community.

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Melanie's Story

Due to unforeseen events, Melanie, a mother of three children ages 18, 12, and 9, was separated from her children and husband in 2020. After becoming homeless she began living out of her car in 2021. This caused Melanie to go into a deep depression which lead to an addiction to meth and alcohol. Her life became unmanageable and she grew tired of using and abusing drugs and alcohol.

Melanie decided to seek residential treatment at Gibson House, where she resided for four months and completed the program. She transitioned to a sober living home for another ninety days to continue in her recovery, however those ninety days were not enough time to allow Melanie to become self-sufficient. As an effort to not become homeless yet again, she called 211 and was led to Time for Change Foundation (TFCF). After completing the intake screening over the phone she was scheduled for a face to face interview where she was further informed on the program and determined to be a great fit!

Melanie says it was by the grace of God that she was able to take part in the TFCF shelter program. At TFCF she gained structure, confidence, discipline, and the trust in herself and others that she lost long ago. Wrap around services like financial literacy classes, taught her how to save money and budget. Workforce development taught her how to build a resume, look for jobs, apply for jobs, and prepared her for interviews. The relapse prevention classes have helped Melanie understand the disease of addiction and how to recognize red flags and triggers. Other classes that assisted in her journey include anger management, life skills and Clay Counseling where she's able to discuss and work through past trauma.

Melanie is now on her way to being 100% self-sufficient and recently transitioned into her own apartment! Melanie pays it forward by volunteering in the Time for Change Foundation office, staying productive and improving her office skills, while also being a testimony to current clients. She has remained sober, 1 year, 3 months, and 20 days! She's active in her recovery by attending AA/NA meetings regularly. Melanie has also made great improvements in her relationship with her family. She spends every other weekend with them and her family. Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries has been a major tool in her journey. A tool that she now uses to continuously improve.

Melanie thanks Time for Change Foundation for the support and love bestowed unto her in her lowest moments. A few goals at the top of her list include staying sober and staying connected to her TFCF family!

Starquisha's Story

My name is Starquisha Dunn. In my 29 years of life, I have faced significant challenges. As a drug baby coming from a difficult family background, I have suffered from mental illness all my life and was abused in the foster-care system.

After my one and only child was taken from me and put into the system seven years ago, I was devastated. Soon after, he was adopted out and the little life that I had left in me was gone. I couldn't find a drug strong enough to hide the pain. My whole life was taken from me, I lost faith in God, and my family gave up on me.

I was hurt and alone and had no one to turn to. Drugs and incarceration were all I knew. I was in and out of jail and after I paroled in 2020, I caught another case. I looked for programs that could help me get my son back and I found Time for Change Foundation (TFCF). I saw their flyer while in jail and when I was released in 2021, I called and went straight to TFCF.

Even though I have been through a lot, I am determined to turn my life around and become somebody by the time I turn 30. With the help of Time for Change Foundation, I have found the support and resources that I need to achieve my goals.

Time for Change literally saved my life by believing in me and allowing me to be a star. They helped me gain the stability I needed to turn my life around forever and are constantly reminding me of who Star is going to be.

Time for Change Foundation has helped me in my journey towards personal growth, self-sufficiency, success, and happiness. After cycling in and out of almost every program in San Bernardino County including incarceration, I moved into my own apartment in February 2023. I am finally on the path to becoming self-sufficient and would not have gotten here without the help of TFCF.

I hope that my story inspires other women with similar stories to seek out resources and support from evidence-based programs that are changing and saving lives every day. My progress is my success. Where there is no progress, there is no success.

Fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself.

Timothy's Story

While at the parole office Timothy met Ms. Phyllis, TFCF Director of Operations. She shared with him about the LEAP Project and how it could benefit him. This caught his attention. Not long after their meeting, Timothy was enrolled in the LEAP Project.

Before enrolling in the LEAP Project Timothy didn't have many people he could count on. As part of the LEAP Project, he was assisted with gas cards to be able to go on job interviews, work clothes, boots, and shelter.

Since graduating from the 12-week work readiness program, Timothy is now gainfully employed as a forklift driver. He can now provide for his family as they prepare to move into their new home and welcome a new baby.

Jacque's Story

This is my story. It's not a Once Upon a Time kind of story but it does have a happy ending. I was born and raised on a Native American reservation in Arizona. I had a rough childhood and endured abuse. I spent my childhood rotating in and out of foster care homes and going back and forth between both parents. I started doing drugs at the very young age of 12. I started out smoking weed here and there and finishing my parents' drinks after their parties. As I got older, I tried other drugs ranging from acid, shrooms, and meth. I loved it! There was nothing more than to use at a young age.

I did at least graduate high school and had my first son soon after. I could hardly take care of him, so my mom and stepdad stepped in. Soon after that I had my second son. I was in a very abusive relationship where my partner tried to kill me and my sons. That's when I started using crack cocaine and became very addicted. Thankfully, I was able to escape that relationship. Due to my addiction, I was constantly in and out of jail. At one point while out of jail, I had my third son. Still in a very addictive state of mind, I could not stop for the sake of my life.

Fast forward, I had two more children while battling addiction. I caught a violent case in 2018 and in 2019 I lost custody of my two youngest children. I also lost the respect of my family and my older children. People only wanted me around if I had drugs. I didn't care about my kids. I tested dirty and was caught shop lifting causing me to serve on year in federal tribal jail. Once released, I went on the run for just about four years on our Indian reservation. I thought I was untouchable until September 25, 2021 when I was finally busted. I violated probation by having drugs, weapons, and a lot of money. I was sentenced to 365 days in county jail, but if I completed a substance abuse program I would serve half. I did exactly that and was released on February 7, 2022!

I was sent to probation housing. Due to my mental illness and the nature of that program, it was not the right program for me. I was moved to housing for people with mental illness. When I tell you there was no structure, I mean, there was NO STRUCTURE at all. I was on the verge of relapse and I was ready to throw in the towel until while at court ordered class, I had confessed that I was on the verge of relapse. I actually had the drugs and pipe on me at class. I confessed that I did not care about what would happen to me, I did not care about my kids then in foster care.

My instructor pulled me aside and jotted down in my journal TIME FOR CHANGE FOUNDATION (TFCF) and the phone number. I called TFCF and I was instructed to fill out the online application. I talked to the homeowner of where I was staying, and I told her exactly what I felt about the unstructured program. I told her about the relapse I was intending on having and that I didn't feel safe there. She understood completely. I received a phone call the next day from TFCF and schedule a face-to-face interview. I GOT ACCEPTED!

I was instructed to come with all my belongings the very next day. I couldn't believe I had the opportunity to be involved with a very well-known organization. When I got this great news, I THREW MY DRUGS AWAY! I came to TFCF with a different outlook on my life. I had so many struggles with recovery and with my children, and I really needed a change. During my time in the program, I've learned so much about myself, like how strong and smart I am. I didn't know I could accomplish the goals I set for myself. I have achieved so much. I've learned about my recovery, I've learned about my flaws, and I learned that my past does not define me!

The staff at Time for Change Foundation goes above and beyond for me. TFCF HELPED ME REUNITE WITH MY CHILDREN! It had been two years since I had my children in my care and TFCF took a leap of faith with me. I feel without the Time for Change Foundation program, I would have lost my children in the system for good and I would have gone back to prison. not only do I have the support from the TFCF staff, but I also gained the support and respect from my family. Most importantly I have been able to fix the broken relationship between myself and my three older sons. I have a great deal of respect and love for the Time for Change Foundation staff.

Andrea's Story

Andrea grew up in San Jose, Ca in a safe and happy family with faithfully married parents and 3 sisters. She was raised not to steal or lie at a young age. Throughout her youth and young adult life, Andrea struggled with weight issues and obesity accompanied by a bit of the “wild middle child” complex. Andrea says she was always a very hardheaded, willfully, strong-minded girl.

She went to school for her Associates of Science in Child Development and worked as the Director of a Christian preschool for 8 years. At the age of 20, Andrea married her high school sweetheart, her very first boyfriend. She was very young and naïve, following in the footsteps of her older sister who also married young. The marriage lasted less than a year.

The death of Andrea’s mother and the loss of her twin nieces began the start of a deep depression in her life. This took her to a low that no matter what she did or what medication she took she couldn’t seem to pull out from it. This began her substance abuse. Andrea spiraled in and out of parties, alcohol, drugs, and reckless behavior for some years. This path led to domestic violence, unhealthy relationships, jail, and legal problems.

During this time Andrea was in a horrific car accident that broke her neck caused a spinal injury, and caused her to eventually lose her right leg below the knee. This further caused her to struggle with substance abuse. Andrea’s wake up call came after serving 44 days in county jail for a DUI. She found AA and the 12-step program as a way out for the next 6 years. She had 2 beautiful children, Luke, and Donna with her new spouse who she met in AA.

Two years after giving birth to her daughter, Andrea relapsed on drugs and alcohol, followed by depression which led her to bad life decisions, chaos, and more loss. Andrea came to Time for Change Foundation holding firmly to the goal of getting her children back from foster care, correcting her financial burdens, legal problems, and the consequences of her actions.

Currently, she is attending TFCF’s drug and alcohol classes, parenting classes, is part of the PFFR Program, and has since accomplished a goal by resolving her DMV issues and purchasing a car! Her motivator in her journey to self-sufficiency is her children. Next, she hopes to use the structure and stability gained from TFCF to get her own place.


Waking Up To My Purpose: Author Kim Carter Shares Her Journey Of Empowerment And Being The Change She Wants To See

Waking Up To My Purpose: Author Kim Carter Shares Her Journey Of Empowerment And Being The Change She Wants To See

President & CEO of the Center for Housing Advancement and Motivational Projects (CHAMP) and the founder and Ambassador of the Time for Change Foundation Kim Carter, building her empire inspiring and empowering people around the world with her story.  Kim’s story was included in the Italian film “Tell it Like a Woman,” which was created to draw attention to issues...

CEO Spotlight – Kim Carter and her amazing work!

CEO Spotlight – Kim Carter and her amazing work!

Source: The Official Black Magazine Nothing can stand in the way of Kim Carter’s determination, vision, and God-given mission. She is one example of a woman who proves that not all heroes wear caps or that the path to achievement must look a certain way. Kim is on a quest to level the playing field, having overcome a difficult past...

Time for Change to Host 21st Anniversary Celebration

Time for Change to Host 21st Anniversary Celebration

Compassion, not to be confused with pity, always goes that extra mile and usually includes an action clause, something that Time for Change Foundation has become known for in helping domestic violence survivors, formerly incarcerated women and low-income mothers who have gone down the harder roads of life. On Friday, April 14, the community will come out in celebration of...

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