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Every four minutes, someone on probation or parole is sent back to prison for a “technical violation” – minor and non-criminal infractions such as:

  • – Being late to a meeting
  • – A minor traffic violation
  • – Running an errand at night
  • – Crossing state lines
  • – Being in the presence alcohol

This is costing taxpayers billions of dollars and excluding people reentering society from wellness and economic stability. Probation and parole should set people up for success – not failure.

At Time For Change Foundation we know that “technical violations” often separate children from their mothers. This can lead to a child’s development of mental health problems, low educational achievement, social stigma, and shame. These issues can possible snowball later in life leading to a revolving door of incarceration and trauma that repeats through generations.

If that isn’t enough to be concerned about, these women will be impacted by the effects of incarceration: Amplification of mental health problems, a greater risk of suicide, and greater chance of ending up homeless or deprived of essential financial benefits.

It’s time we Give Children Back to their mothers

It’s time we Give Mothers Back to children separated from their mothers

It’s time we Give Life Back to families before we cause lasting damage

Time For Change Foundation has partnered with REFORM Alliance’s Give Life Back in their aim to transform probation and parole by changing laws, systems and culture to create real pathways to work and wellbeing. We want to replace America’s justice system with a restorative system that is fair, accountable and invested in rehabilitation, support and wellbeing. Let’s Give Life Back.

Help us by sharing your story of how a “technical violation” affected your life.

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