Since 2002, Time for Change Foundation (TFCF) has been assisting homeless women and children achieve self-sufficiency by providing housing and necessary supportive services. In response to the housing crisis and effects of mass incarceration and family separation, TFCF implemented an array of evidenced-based programs, housing and trauma informed approaches to address their needs. Equally important, is our leadership development and advocacy projects necessary to bring the voices of those most impacted by punitive policies into policy advocacy and civic engagement.

Our Mission

The mission of TFCF is to empower disenfranchised low-income individuals and families by building leadership through evidence-based programs and housing to create self-sufficiency and thriving communities.


Our Vision

TFCF is the national model of excellence for creating self-sufficient families and thriving communities which have…

  1. – Have quality education, and training programs
  2. – Provide housing, employment, and economic development opportunities
  3. – Promote civic engagement, and advocacy
  4. – Create responsible leadership
  5. – Provide safe family environments
  6. – Provide health, and wellness programs
  7. – Promote family well-being
  8. – Create resilient, self-sufficient families
  9. – Provide effective family reunification programs
  10. – Have supportive community environments that foster family reunification programs
  11. – Have diversity and inclusiveness
  12. – Promote spirituality

Our Values

TFCF’s core values are:

  1. – Respect and altruistic concern for others
  2. – Compassion, integrity, and professionalism in serving clients
  3. – Empower individuals/families to break the cycle of homelessness, hopelessness, and recidivism
  4. – Treatment, not punishment, is the solution
  5. – Belief in the potential of the human spirit
  6. – Evidence-based programs do make a difference for individuals, families, and communities
  7. – Everyone deserves a nurturing and supportive home

Time for Change Foundation Today:

Time for Change Foundation is the model of excellence in the State of California for empowering disenfranchised families transitioning from homelessness and recidivism.

Today, we offer three types of housing: emergency shelter, permanent-supportive housing, and affordable housing. We currently operate 3 emergency shelters, 10 units of permanent-supportive housing, and the Phoenix Square, our first affordable housing development. To date, we have reunified 311 children from foster care back with moms and have helped over 2,600 homeless women and children become self-sufficient.

TFCF has embarked upon exciting innovative programs that lift families out of poverty and reunite children with their mothers. The housing crisis has reached epidemic levels and TFCF is on the front lines creating housing options for the women and children we serve. Customized, culturally responsive, and community-rooted practices along with our evidence-based supportive services meet the unique needs of each family and are geared towards disrupting the cycle of multi-generational violence and poverty.

Family reunification done in a safe and supportive environment gives our families a foundation to recreate their lives and allows children to reach their highest potential. Using a multi-generational approach, children receive therapeutic services along with educational supports to assist with rebuilding the bond between them and their moms while overcoming trauma caused by separation.

As a full-service human services organization, TFCF responds to the family as a whole. We ensure that all needs are met so that the family unit will be healthy and prepared for life-long success.


Our Asset Development and Wealth Creation project, PF I, assists women with career development, advanced degrees, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Breaking generational cycles of poverty and ensuring women have the capacity to be financially independent and owners of small businesses will have a direct impact in the lives of their children. Funded by the California Wellness Foundation, this project’s evaluation concluded that of the 50 women we served, 85% gained employment, 4 small businesses were created, and 75% were successful in maintaining their savings over a 12-year period.

Eliminating Recidivism & Substance Abuse is done through our PF II project aimed at root causes and conditions that subject women to incarceration. Starting inside of prison and jails, we work with women to create a transitional plan that will allow us to engage them in critical services, housing, recovery support and employment upon release. Evaluation for year 5 of an 8-year project concluded that we eliminated recidivism for the 215 women we served. Additional benchmarks reached included a 90% reduction in substance abuse and 80% of the women finding permanent housing. Funded by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration this project aligns with the National Institute of Health’s response to the correlation of incarceration and mental health issues.

Women Accessing Legal services is critical as we challenge the systems that perpetuate disparities and unjust treatment of women of color. For many, this is the first time they have had a lawyer educating them about their rights and due process. Removing barriers to family reunification, employment and housing oftentimes requires that we use the legal process. This project affords a Root and Rebound attorney to be placed inside of our agency where clients have direct access to legal services.

Our Positive Family Futures & Reunification (PFFR) program seeks to break and disrupt the intergenerational cycles of violence, incorporates our evidenced-based services and housing, while providing women with a safe place to reunify with their children, heal from past traumatic experiences and build the resiliency necessary to address their children’s trauma, become financially self-sufficient and build healthy relationships with their children. TFCF emphasizes a multi-generational approach to family well-being as we address the needs of the entire family unit.


Brighter Futures opened its doors in December 2018 in the City of Hayward. TFCF made the decision to take our model to the Bay Area where the housing crisis was having devastating effects on women wishing to reunify with their children. Women transitioning to the Bay Area from prison wrote countless letters asking when there would be a TFCF in the Bay Area. Since its opening, we have reunified one 4-year-old girl with her mom after 11 months of separation. Future goals include developing another Phoenix Square affordable housing apartment building as well.

Help us Spread HOPE

Time for Change Foundation can only exist because of the support from people just like you. With your involvement, we can continue to empower disenfranchised low income individuals and families through evidence-based programs and housing locations creating self-sufficiency and thriving communities. It’s not the time for giving up, but the time for positive change! See how you can get involved today.


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