127832 Hours of Case Management
4836 Hours of Work to Win/Employment Readiness Workshops
4836 Hours of Financial Education and Money Management Sessions
1726 Hours of Leadership Development Workshops
4752 Hours of Twelve-Step Meetings
4752 Hours of Relapse Prevention
4758 Hours of Independent Living Skills Workshops
3380 Hours of Women's Wellness Sessions
2288 Hours of Mommy & Me Child Bonding Sessions
4901 Hours of Parenting Education Workshops
1665 Hours of Children's Therapy Sessions
164 Hours of Family Healthcare Visits
854 Transports to Medical, Educational, & Therapeutic Appointments

TFCF Program Outcomes FY 2021 Annual Report

Total people served this year through programs and services: 977


Time for Change Foundation (TFCF) expanded our programs and services to the COVID-19 pandemic in many ways. Although we had never dealt with a global pandemic, responding to people in crisis is something that we do daily. The nature of our work requires helping the most vulnerable population, women, and children. Our target population consists of women that have been marginalized, disenfranchised, formerly incarcerated, homeless, and have experienced various levels of trauma, physical and mental abuse, and substance abuse. Most of our women suffer from anxiety and poor mental health. The amount of stress on our women caused by this pandemic has been indescribable. Their dependence on nonprofits at this time has become more critical than ever. Vulnerable families are suffering the most during this devastating time as many of them have jobs that were considered “non-essential,” and have been laid off.


In addition, Time for Change Foundation (TFCF) has suffered financial burdens as an effect of this virus. We have incurred unexpected expenses that have increased our technological capacity to respond to the need to transition staff to working remotely. We ensured proper firewalls and Wi-Fi were put in place, purchased additional laptops, computers, Zoom subscriptions, and hot spots. Additionally, we provided our families who are sheltering in place with extra cleaning supplies, PPE gear, and food. We have integrated telehealth and our educational classes, drug and alcohol counseling, and one-on-one case management sessions are being conducted via Zoom. Counseling services and children’s play therapy by an LCSW have transitioned to zoom video calls as well.


Although many businesses had shut down their in-person services, TFCF worked collaboratively with our community partners to ensure virtual services would continue to be provided to our clients. We alternated our intake process prior to bringing new women into our shelters. To keep everyone’s safety a priority, we placed incoming families in a hotel for a 14-day period to quarantine prior to being housed with families that were already safely in the home. During quarantine, clients were provided with food, clothing, and all the necessary safety and protective gear. After the two-weeks, we safely transitioned them into our housing program.


Prior to COVID-19, our client’s employment rate hovered around 82% and dropped to 5%. Clients that had already reached self-sufficiency found themselves unable to make ends meet. They were in need of basic support like food and cleaning supplies. The demand for services increased causing TFCF to respond to as many calls as possible for emergency services from the community at large. San Bernardino was already underserved and impoverished prior to COVID, and this pandemic exacerbated the need. We received calls from women who were released from jail with nowhere to go in the late evenings and past midnight. We are still receiving high volumes of calls from people in need of rental and utility payment assistance due to loss of income. The local motels have started price gouging and increasing their daily rates at a time when demand is so high.


Despite the increased need, we know that we are front line, first responders to families in crisis and implementing safer practices has enabled us to respond to these needs by our clients and community.


During this fiscal year TFCF received 3,821 requests from individuals and families who sought emergency COVID assistance.


As a response, TFCF secured 127 hotel rooms with 9 local hotels to provide a safe place to self-quarantine incoming families prior to entering our housing.


During this year we expanded our WELLNESS IS STABILIZED HOUSING (WISH) program which offering community wide assistance to housing insecure families by providing rental and utility payment assistance. We increased services provided through WISH by 246%:


  • 52 families received rental payment assistant to prevent evictions
  • 52 individuals received protective equipment
  • 250 individuals received utility payment assistance
  • 572 individuals received food gift cards



Southern CA: For this fiscal year, 59 women and 29 children received a total of:


  • 3,511 shelter nights in our Emergency Shelters
  • 127,832 hours of Case Management.
  • 27 families transitioned into affordable housing becoming self-sufficient and alleviating housing insecurity.
  • 5 children were reunified with their moms from foster care bringing our total of children reunified with their mothers to 303.


Other supportive services provided included:


  • 127,832 hours of Case Management
  • 4836 hours Work to Win/Employment Readiness Workshops
  • 4,836 hours of Financial Education and Money Management Sessions
  • 1,726 hours of Leadership Development Workshops
  • 4,752 hours of Twelve-step meetings
  • 4,752 hours of Relapse Prevention
  • 4,758 hours of Independent Living Skills Workshops
  • 3,380 hours of Women’s Wellness Sessions
  • 2,288 hours of Mommy & Me Child Bonding Sessions
  • 4,901 hours of Parenting Education Workshops
  • 1,665 hours of Children’s Therapy Sessions
  • 164 hours of family healthcare visits
  • 854 Transports to medical, educational, and therapeutic appointments


TFCF’s Licensed Drug and Alcohol program served 64 women and conducted 317 random drug tests.


Southern, CA: Brighter Futures – Our Bay Area expansion project served a total of 5 women and 6 children during this fiscal year who received a total of:

  • 1005 Shelter nights in our Emergency Shelter
  • 72 Case Management sessions
  • 87 Transportation Assistance
  • 45 Life Skills Workshops
  • 19 Financial Literacy and Money Management classes
  • 11 Leadership Development and Civic Engagement trainings


Of those clients, 2 women and 4 children transitioned into co-abode housing becoming self-sufficient and alleviating housing insecurity. In total 2 children were reunified with her mothers from foster care bringing our total to 303.


Through our partnership with Clay Counseling Solutions, we provided:

  • 638 individual therapy and family therapy sessions


HOMES OF HOPE – Permanent-Supportive Housing for chronically homeless women and those with children:

  • In total 11, women and 21 children were served
  • 97% retention rate



  • 26 mothers and 17 children served


Through our RIGHTS, EQUALITY AND LAW (REAL Project) in partnership with Root and Rebound:

  • 70 women screened, assessed, and supported with legal assistance.

Reentry Services for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals (FII): Our adult reentry programs are designed to ensure FII are supported with resources that prevent them from returning into incarceration.

A total of 121 formerly incarcerated individuals served.

  • 14-day quarantine stays in a hotel post-release
  • $50 food gift cards and PPE gear
  • Basic Needs such as food, medical supplies, and clothing
  • Assessment and case planning
  • Established a savings account
  • Received entrepreneurship and employment development training
  • Enrolled in higher education to increase knowledge and employability
  • Sober living environment
  • Emergency shelter
  • Rental assistance

 TFCF currently has a 100% elimination of recidivism.

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