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Time For Change Foundation’s Kim Carter Has Tearful Reunion with Woman She Helped

Kim Carter describes being in and out of jail before she turned her life around and started Time For Change Foundation. Jennifer Hudson welcomes Keisha Murphy, who achieved self-sufficiency thanks to help from Kim.

Time For Change Foundation 2022 Gala

Watch the Time for Change Foundation 2022 Gala.

A CNN Heroes Success Story: Kim Carter, Time for Change Foundation

“I want to make sure their moms are right so they can be right,” says Kim Carter, founder of Time for Change Foundation, a non-profit that empowers disenfranchised low income individuals and families by building leadership through evidence-based programs and housing to create self-sufficiency and thriving communities. It is a “family-modeled program that brings the best to those who need it the most.”

Margaret’s Story

Margaret and her sisters were raised in a home where addiction fueled violence and indifference. This created a chain of addiction in her own life, leading to the loss of herself, and her children.

Time For Change Foundation’s Kim Carter Has Tearful Reunion with Woman She Helped

We typically think that a homeless person is that 35 to 40-year-old guy… by the highway or under the bridge… begging for money, where in fact the average face of homelessness is that of a child. We can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to the suffering of so many.

Rosanna Moves In

Rosanna has worked very hard to attain sobriety, employment, and self-sufficiency. Now to fulfill her goal of reunification she needs to complete the next step: her own home. That’s were TFCF comes in.

We furnished her apartment, provided appliances, and décor, so she could keep on moving.

Empowering Voices Ft. Time for Change Foundation

In this episode, Morris Adams interviews Executive Director, Vanessa Perez, of the Time For Change Foundation.

Who is Time for Change Foundation & What Do We Do?

Since 2002 Time For Change Foundation has been dedicated to helping homeless women and children achieve self-sufficiency by using a strength-based approach to address their needs.

CNN Heroes Tribute with Anderson Cooper

We were proud to be mentioned in the top 10 CNN Heroes for 2015. Here’s the 2015 Top 10 CNN Heroes from their Tribute Show.

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