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Movement for Family Power works to end the foster system’s policing and punishment of
families and to create a world where the dignity and integrity of all families is valued and

In Lisa’s published report, “Whatever they do, I’m her comfort, I’m her protector.” How the foster system has become ground zero for the U.S. drug war,” she publishes experiences from parents and families of persevering in the face of a brutal system of family separation and dissolution.

Ms. L was approached and questioned by Child Protective Services (CPS) a few days after she called the police for help with a domestic disturbance.

When CPS asked her if she uses drugs, she truthfully responded that she smokes cannabis from time to time.

This admission and subsequent drug tests led, in part, to a child neglect proceeding against her in which the state failed to present any evidence that Ms. L neglected her child.

Nonetheless, the court adjudicated her “neglectful,” repeatedly referencing her cannabis use in making this decision, and implemented a “family service plan,” a combination of ongoing state surveillance and “service” provisions.

And this is just the beginning…

You can read more in the full report below.

Foster Care being targeted in the US Drug War

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