Time for Change Foundation Founder Kim Carter on Being Portrayed by Jennifer Hudson in ‘Tell It Like a Woman’

Tell It Like a Woman Actress Jennifer Hudson

Source: Entertainment Tonight

Art imitating life. Jennifer Hudson stars in Tell It Like a Woman, directed by Taraji P. Henson, and the story behind the film is based on Kim Carter’s experiences.

The movie depicts Carter’s struggle with addiction, finding herself cycling in and out of the prison system, and eventually, her work with Time for Change Foundation to help disenfranchised, low-income women find the path to success and self-sufficiency, just as she did herself.

When Carter was first notified that her story would be portrayed in the film directed by Henson, she was in total shock.

“I couldn’t stop smiling and I just couldn’t believe it. … It was surreal,” she says. “Taraji was so down to earth and our conversations just started bubbling.”

Shortly after, Carter was even more surprised to hear that Hudson would be portraying her.

“I didn’t know who would be playing me until I had my second call with Taraji, and then Jennifer Hudson popped up on Zoom too. I was completely flabbergasted and starstruck. I just kept screaming, ‘You brought the diva!”’ … I have been a fan of hers since American Idol,” she shares.

Originally Published on Entertainment Tonight

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