Melanie Tillman

Melanie Tillman

Office Assistant/Transportation Specialist

Melanie’s journey at Time for Change Foundation (TFCF) began in June 2022 when she joined the shelter program as a client. After successfully transitioning to her own apartment, Melanie’s dedication to making a difference led her to volunteer at the TFCF office. During her time as a volunteer, she gained valuable experience and developed a deep passion for helping women and children who were in the same position she once found herself in.

Due to her commitment and enthusiasm, Melanie was offered the role of Office Assistant/Transportation Specialist at TFCF. In this position, she plays a vital role in assisting clients and serving her community. Whether it involves administrative tasks in the office or providing transportation support, Melanie truly enjoys the opportunity to help others who are going through the recovery process.

Melanie’s personal experience as a woman in recovery has shaped her perspective and fuels her desire to give back to those who are in need. She understands firsthand the challenges and struggles that individuals face during their recovery journey. By utilizing the support she received and channeling her passion for helping others, Melanie actively contributes to TFCF’s mission of creating positive change in the lives of women and children.

Her dedication, empathy, and firsthand understanding of the recovery process make Melanie a valuable asset to TFCF and a source of inspiration for those she assists. Through her work as an Office Assistant/Transportation Specialist, she continues to make a significant impact on the lives of clients and her community, providing the support and guidance that was freely given to her during her own recovery.

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