Twynisha Pete

Twynisha Pete

Operations Manager

Twynisha Pete is a seasoned Operations Manager at BBOP Center with over two decades of management expertise spanning the public and private sectors. Specializing in compliance, process improvement, and program outcomes, she has consistently demonstrated a commitment to operational excellence. Twynisha’s leadership is characterized by the creation of inclusive environments that drive societal change through innovation.

Academically accomplished, Twynisha holds a Bachelor of Science, a Master’s in Education, and a graduate certificate in nonprofit management. Her dedication to continuous learning and personal growth underscores her proficiency in navigating complex challenges and implementing strategic solutions.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Twynisha is an active volunteer for causes supporting women and children, aligning her passions for travel, cooking, and nurturing young minds. Her multifaceted approach reflects a commitment to community enrichment and personal betterment, leaving a positive legacy within and beyond the BBOP Center. Twynisha Pete’s holistic leadership style and diverse skill set position her as a valuable asset in any organizational setting, contributing to both operational success and community impact.

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