CEO Spotlight – Kim Carter and her amazing work!

Kim Carter giving a speech

Source: The Official Black Magazine

Nothing can stand in the way of Kim Carter’s determination, vision, and God-given mission. She is one example of a woman who proves that not all heroes wear caps or that the path to achievement must look a certain way. Kim is on a quest to level the playing field, having overcome a difficult past to create a brighter future for others. She goes out of her way to provide underrepresented women of color an opportunity to flourish. This is her narrative, her triumphant path of resilience.

Cox: I’m excited to speak with you about BBOP and its opening. But before we start, I want to know a little more about your journey during your time in San Bernardino and between trips to the Bay.

Carter: I could think about all the times that I was met with resistance from white men when I tried to create opportunities for women and children in San Bernardino Michael, and some of them were millionaires who fought against me. These men would get out of bed just to come to the city council meetings to try and stop what I wanted to do to bring the city and the people a necessary resource.

Cox: What were they fighting against when they showed up to the city council in opposition?

Carter: There was this lot of dirt, Michael, that had been vacant and unused for about twenty-five years. I wanted to use it to create affordable housing. But they wouldn’t have it and had an issue with it. So, this showed me how people could really be against others having the basic necessities.

Cox: You had many moments like these where people tried to stop you from doing things for the greater good. What is something you always take away from these experiences?

Carter: That we have to really start working to create our own economy that works for us. We need to really be our own banks. Listen, we have the manpower and people equipped with enough education and experience to get the jobs done. But it’s the resources we need to leverage all of these things.

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