Rams’ Bobby Wagner Makes Generous Donation to Time for Change Foundation: ‘I’m Really Passionate About It’

Bobby Wagner of the Rams donates to Time for Change Foundation

Source: People Magazine

Los Angeles Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner is always looking for ways to give back to his community, he tells PEOPLE.

The 32-year-old NFL star recently made a generous donation to the Time for Change Foundation, which helps women “to recreate their life” after they’ve been incarcerated, in rehabilitation centers or domestic violence shelters, says founder Kim Carter.

Wagner chose to get involved with Time for Change largely because of Carter, a Top 10 CNN hero, who started the foundation in 2002, inspired by her own experiences as a formerly incarcerated woman.

Carter’s “energy and the way that people rally around her and believe in her passion,” was what stood out to Wagner initially. “I was really passionate about what she had accomplished and what she was trying to get done, it really spoke to me,” he says.

Originally Published on People

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