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time for change permanent supportive housing san bernardino
Time for Change Foundation offers a full continuum of housing from emergency
shelter, permanent - supportive housing, and affordable housing for families and
individuals. In 2018 they opened their first expansion project, Brighter Futures, in the Bay Area.



Emergency Homeless Shelters in San Bernardino


Using a strength based case management model all clients work with case managers to create an individual self-sufficiency plan.


Living in either Sweet Dreams or Mountain View, our homeless shelters in San Bernardino County, clients receive weekly case management and supportive services to help them reach their goals.


Clients can stay in both of our shelters for up to 24 months.


sweet dreams emergency housing for women and children san bernardino


Sweet Dreams - Emergency Housing for Women and Children


At Sweet Dreams, children are the priority. Mothers learn life skills that will help them become healthy and self-sufficient. They attend parenting skills workshops and participate in other daily activities that provide support - designed to rebuild trust, develop independence and provide a nurturing environment for parent and child.


Clients get assistance with free clinical exams, WIC, education, vocational training, family planning services, and access to healthy childcare.
emergency housing for women in san bernardino


Mountain View - Emergency Housing for Women in San Bernardino


Our Mountain View emergency shelter for single women provides the tools they need to get back on their feet and become active and healthy members of their communities.


We offer a host of direct services and refer our clients to mental health counseling, adult education, computer skills training, vocational training, healthcare services and legal aid.




Emergency Homeless Shelter in Hayward


Brighter Futures - Emergency Housing for Women and Children in Hayward


Opened in 2018, Brighter Futures is Time For Change Foundation's home for women recovering from incarceration and homelessness wishing to reunify with their children and/or be housed with their children.


A Brighter Future awaits for those wishing to change the course of their lives and become fully self-sufficient, including:
  • On-site Case Management
  • Life Skills Education
  • A Host of Other Services


To apply, fill out the Northern California Intake Form


brighter futures emergency homeless shelter hayward northern ca


Permanent Supportive Housing


homes of hope permanent supportive housing program for homeless families


Homes of Hope - Permanent Supportive Housing Program for Homeless Families


Funded by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), our Homes of Hope project provides permanent supportive housing for homeless families - placing them directly into their own apartment.


Coupled with intensive case management and supportive services, families are able to thrive and maintain permanent housing. Employment and education are the key to ensuring success.


Currently we have 11 permanent supportive housing locations in San Bernardino County.


Affordable Housing

the phoenix square permanent affordable housing project in downtown san bernardino


Southern CA - San Bernardino


The Phoenix Square - Permanent Affordable Housing Project in Downtown San Bernardino


Our main goal is that all families will transition into permanent housing with the capability of maintaining their housing in a clean and nurturing environment where children can thrive. The lack of decent, affordable housing motivated us to create The Phoenix Square, our first of many affordable housing projects.


Our Phoenix Square sets the standard for low-income housing in California, providing a safe place where families can live and thrive, children are able to attend the same school more than one year in a row. Awarded the "Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design" and the "Crime-Free Multi Housing" certifications, the Phoenix Square proves to be a vital asset to the Inland Region.


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