Calm Amidst the Storm

Caring for Others Through the Crisis

Just a month ago, we at Time for Change Foundation never would have expected something like the COVID-19 pandemic happening. While we were cognizant of the coronavirus and its effects, we were abuzz with anticipation for our Annual Awards Gala. Within a week we were called to an impromptu staff meeting where we learned that we would be working from home to minimize health risks. Without hesitation, our team came together as a cohesive unit to figure out details to ensure that the organization’s processes ran seamlessly. But by the end of that meeting, despite having addressed all facets of our daily activities, we were left with the unexpected and major uncertainty. Inarguably, it is that uncertainty that has changed our lives and impacted our society forever.

One of the things we have been tasked with doing is finding our new normal. Personally speaking, my goal has been to maintain the traction that is crucial to my productivity. My attempts to continue business as usual have been thwarted by the realities of working from home. I have children and their schoolwork to deal with all while adjusting to balancing work hours with personal chores and family time. Things can get overwhelming but I have made it a habit of checking my emotions. I remind myself that I am human and fear is a natural reaction. Understandably I could panic and let the fear paralyze me but instead, I am cautious, aware, and calm.

Something that has definitely helped keep my panic from going into overdrive is the peace of mind I have from still having a job. I’ve seen news reports stating that over 22 million people have filed for unemployment in the 4 weeks since the National State of Emergency was declared. 22 million! Time for Change Foundation has managed to maintain all its staff which allows us to show up for our clients who are amongst the most vulnerable in society.

Famous American cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead once said “Helping someone else through difficulty is where civilization starts,” In other words, concern more with the needs and wishes of others than with our own is how we show our humanity. We have to care for each other and work in partnership to help civilization pull through this crisis. We can run away from danger, or we can stop and take care of the wounded.

Time for Change Foundation is committed to protecting our women, children, and staff and being here, in the long run, to pick up the pieces when this time has passed.

With care,

Shiniqua Green
Case Specialist II, Time for Change Foundation

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