COVID-19 A New Normal

Moving through the Process

Starting my morning off at 9 am used to give me plenty of time to get things done. I set out to work with the women in our Positives Futures 2 (PF2) project with four tasks and by 2:30 pm I have only accomplished one. As Time for Change Foundation’s lead staff member on this project I have always been strict with time and getting things done. Now, we are having to be extra careful and social distance ourselves during this worldwide pandemic.

Positive Futures 2, funded by the U.S. Department of SAMHSA, is designed to help women coming home from incarceration reentering San Bernardino County. We provide the ladies with supportive services like case management, housing, mentorship, mental health services, substance abuse services, and anything they need that helps keep them from going back into prison and jail.

I left my house to pick up another staff member to complete 2 new PF 2 client intakes. Another potential client who was recently released from jail and had been struggling with methamphetamine did not call to go into rehab yesterday as she said she would, but she called me today, and we worked to get her into detox.

Processes like this, that would normally take 2-3 hours are now taking up most of the day. Due to COVID-19, things are slowly moving because we have to take more precautions. The client was nervous during the process, but while we were waiting, I was talking with her and completing her intake. Taking our time with things allowed the client to calm down and learn that she could trust us.

Those intake Assessments include a Global Appraisal of Individual Need (GAIN) which takes time and calculation of the brain while being aware of the client’s needs on top of thinking about safety. At the same time, I am wondering, did she just take off that mask? Is she coughing? Is she going to stay in treatment?

What once used to be a piece of cake, has turned into a daily mind stressor having to be careful with these women who have come home from incarceration. They have to learn to shelter-in-place and sanitize throughout the day.

The hardest part of the COVID-19 pandemic for me is using the latest virtual tools like GoTo Meetings and other virtual meetings to communicate and get all my work done. I have been used to having physical access to my files in my office, and not being able to have what I need at first was challenging.

At first, I did not want to go back and forth to the office because I wanted to stay safe and shelter in place, but I understand the changes and I’m so thankful I am able to continue to be employed.

I love to help these women who so desperately want to change, so overall the blessings for me outweigh all negative thoughts!
Best wishes,

Phyllis Scott
Director of Operations
Time for Change Foundation

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Collectively these women have served 48 years in prison and despite this coronavirus, we are welcoming them home. Special Thanks to Impact Justice for their amazing Homecoming Project. Because of the generosity of our supporters with the COVID-19 Relief Fund, we were able to provide these women with a 14-day quarantine hotel, so they can transition into their host homes.

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