Time for Change Foundation Spring 2021 Newsletter

Our Spring 2021 Newsletter

Don’t miss our latest newsletter where you can read about many of the happenings at Time For Change Foundation. In this issue, we share the initial letters of those seeking the aid of our W.I.S.H. program, because the pandemic didn’t stop the need to pay bills.  Also, a recap of out 19th Annual “She is…” Awards Gala, Public Policy updates, and TFCF in action with our Young Ladies of Elegance.

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Below are two passages from this issue—client spotlights—focusing on two very hardworking women on the path to self-sufficiency.


Client Spotlight: Amber

Amber spring newsletter 2021Released from incarceration in June of 2020, Amber was driven to find a better way of life, but was unsure of where to start. On her acceptance into Time For Change Foundation, she eagerly completed program classes such as Financial Literacy, Entrepreneur Mindset, and Employment Development.

With her newfound knowledge on budgeting and saving, she was able to improve her credit score, and buy herself a car. Amber learned to craft a resume, and cover letter. Her hard work and eagerness to improve herself led to TFCF offering her a position as a Peer Mentor, working with our clients to encourage their growth. “If I can do it, you can do it to,” is the message she shares in her Peer Mentor role.

We are incredibly proud of Amber and her progress towards self-sufficiency. She has recently moved into her own apartment and is thriving in her new life!


Client Spotlight: LaShana

Lashana spring 2021 newsletterDespite her childhood of poverty, and being witness to alcoholism, a biology degree and nursing assistant position rose LaShana towards success. LaShana came to Time For Change Foundation after a gambling addiction, and schizoaffective disorder disrupted her life.

Diagnosed in 2015, sudden homelessness and unemployment made her attempts to receive treatment and medication difficult. The stress of her predicament, and the inability to attain stable housing created a cycle, where her efforts to improve her life would trigger mental health episodes, collapsing the progress she had made. After being hospitalized, and therefore medicated, she was advised to reach out to Time For Change Foundation.

With mental health counseling, and the drive to make a better life for herself, Lashana is taking things one day at a time, developing healthy methods for coping with her mental health, and looking forward to the future. LaShana’s determination and efforts have been rewarded with her attaining employment, and taking a larger step towards self-sufficiency.


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