Time for Change Foundation’s COVID-19 Crisis Fund


Time for Change Foundation is deeply concerned about the spread of the coronavirus. COVID-19 is disproportionately impacting communities that are already experiencing economic insecurity, discrimination, and instability, communities that we engage with and serve. As a result, the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting nonprofits in many ways, including increased demand for services, lost revenue due to closures and cancellations, and other challenges. Right now, we need your support more than ever. We are creating a COVID-19 Crisis Fund to directly support homeless women and children impacted by the loss of wages, school closures, and loss of childcare. During times of crisis, people look to leadership and our clients are no different. Their worries are monumental and heightened with the fear of losing their jobs, childcare, and housing security.

Did you know it costs on average $175 per child per week for childcare? Imagine, having two small kids, working a full-time job at minimum wage and suddenly, without notice, your place of business shuts down. Compound that with the overwhelming fear of being evicted from your low-income housing and not having the means to survive. For those that receive subsidized childcare, support is contingent upon them working. Or, for those living in shelter programs worrying about the closure of those nonprofits.

The reality is Time for Change Foundation has already begun dealing with exactly those issues coupled with anxieties from our employees and their livelihood. 

Due to the rapid outbreak and spread of the coronavirus, Time for Change Foundation is taking necessary steps to follow CDC guidelines and protect the health and safety of our clients, staff, and the community at large. That said, we will be postponing our 18th Annual Awards Gala until further notice. We hope that this disease will cease its damaging effect as soon as possible and will be sure to communicate once we can determine a future date for our event. We will continue to pay close attention to the CDC’s recommendations as well as Governor Gavin Newsom’s call for isolation.

With the loss of our annual fundraiser which on average raises $100,000 and in response to the unprecedented crisis of the COVID-19 virus, we are seeking to raise $150,000 and are asking for your support towards this goal.

The reality is we work in a region plagued with high poverty, disinvestment of sizable philanthropic giving creates a stressful and worrisome environment. According to the San Bernardino County Capacity Building Consortium, “Sixty-seven percent of nonprofits in the region have revenues under $25,000,” which further exacerbates the need for increased support in this critical time. A report from The James Irvine Foundation states, “Foundation Funding Is Relatively Scarce,” as San Bernardino only receives $3 per capita in philanthropic dollars compared to $139 in Los Angeles.

While others have the ability to close their businesses and continue to pay staff their full wages and/or work remotely, our organization is on the front-line housing homeless women and children 24/7 and cannot.

Equally important is your support during this crisis situation. It is one thing to think about the livelihood of your clients, but an added level of stress is thinking about the survival of your organization.

With heavy hearts, acknowledging the COVID-19 pandemic, we are keeping our fingers crossed and praying that things will look a lot different and there will be better news about the virus soon. We want to thank you for your support during this critical time. We look forward to your partnership in ensuring vulnerable families are supported!

Be well.

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