Time For Change Foundation’s Entrepreneurial BBOP Center Brings Silicon Valley Level Tech & Innovation to IE Women

Kima Russell, Vanessa Perez, & Kim Carter at the opening of the Black & Brown Opportunities for Profit Center

Source: IECN

Time For Change Foundation is proud to announce the opening of its state-of-the-art Black and Brown Opportunities for Profit (BBOP) Center on March 15th, 2023.

This revolutionary center is the first of its kind, providing an economic hub for low-income, disenfranchised women to access the resources, support, and information they need to become successful entrepreneurs.

Founder Kim Carter, who was formerly incarcerated after falling victim to addiction, is the driving force behind this project, along with Time for Change Foundation Executive Director Vanessa Perez.

After cycling in and out of prison, Carter realized just how little the system does to rehabilitate and support those who are trying to get back on their feet, especially women. Now, she is using her experience to create a place where black and brown women can thrive and build generational wealth for their families.

The BBOP Center is located at 599 N. Arrowhead Ave. in San Bernardino, offers 14 offices, a cafeteria, shared workspaces, and a childcare center, and is open 16 hours a day to accommodate those with 9 to 5 jobs.

Originally Published by Inland Empire Community News

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