Tuff Time Toys puts a smile on the childrens’ faces

Tuff Time Toys is the work of Gary P., who had a dream to build handcrafted toys for children. He reached out to us a few months ago to ask if our children would like a supply of his toys. As you can see below, the children now have quite a few of the carefully hand-made items. From houses, to toy trucks, to even miniature cars, Tuff Time Toys brings old-fashioned fun and games back into play!

Carved from wood, the detail on each toy is incredibly intricate. I’m not sure exactly how long it would take to build just one of these items, but I know as with any great piece of art, a lot of time, sweat, and effort go into the process.

When the children received their toys, they were extremely excited. “Thank you so much for bringing these toys to us, John!”

I had to explain to them, “I didn’t bring you the toys! It was Mr. Gary from Tuff Time Toys!”

“Mr. Gary? Wow! He is the nicest man, ever!” replied little Ronnie.

Please visit Tuff Time Toys’ website, and support the amazing work they do by visiting https://www.tufftimetoys.com/. 25% of each purchase is donated to Time for Change Foundation.

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