Wake Up to Your Purpose with Kim Carter

Time for Change Foundation Founder Kim Carter

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We’ve all heard the conversations that, “I was born on the wrong side of the tracks” or “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon” to express hardships, set-ups for failure, and an explanation of the lack of success. And though these are true sentiments, stories as old as time have proven that these cannot and will not stop a determined individual ready to break free. And I know we want to get away from the hardship stories into triumph, but those are still stories that are needed to be told for a generation that is losing hope.

Kim Carter is one story that is worthy to be told, has been told, and should continue to be shared. Affordable Housing Developer, Strategic Planner, Innovator, Motivational Speaker, and Author, Kim is the President & CEO of the Center for Housing Advancement and Motivational Projects (CHAMP) and the Ambassador of the Time for Change Foundation, founded in 2002. And oh does she have a story to share!

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