Waking Up To My Purpose: Author Kim Carter Shares Her Journey Of Empowerment And Being The Change She Wants To See

Waking Up to My Purpose Book by Kim Carter

President & CEO of the Center for Housing Advancement and Motivational Projects (CHAMP) and the founder and Ambassador of the Time for Change Foundation Kim Carter, building her empire inspiring and empowering people around the world with her story. 

Kim’s story was included in the Italian film “Tell it Like a Woman,” which was created to draw attention to issues combating gender-based violence and women’s empowerment. Kim’s segment was produced by Taraji P. Henson, with Jennifer Hudson playing the role of Kim. Carter also was recognized by CNN as a CNN Hero.

Carter wears many hats which includes an Affordable Housing Developer, Strategic Planner, Innovator, Motivational Speaker, and Author. We caught up with Carter,  to discuss her journey helping and being the change she wants to see assisting homeless women and children in achieving self-sufficiency by providing housing and necessary supportive services through evidence-based programs, housing, and trauma-informed approaches to address their needs.

We salute Carter’s hard work and determination and are delighted to share Kim’s journey in this SHEEN exclusive interview below.

Tell us more about the BBOP?

The BBOP (Black and Brown Opportunity for Profit) Center directly responded to the historic systemic inequities that black and brown women face in accessing capital and access to the resources and technology information needed to build, grow, scale, and scale investable businesses.

After the pandemic, it became clear that those that were hit the hardest, during the pandemic were Black and brown women and that the recovery rate from the loss of wages, the loss of education, the loss of your children’s time in school, the social effect of being isolated, was going to have a deep and a significant financial impact in their lives. And it could take a couple of generations to recover from that.

So given the fact that we still are suffering from inequality across the board here in America, it became time to create a system in place a system that actually works for Black and brown women so that we can begin to build generational wealth and a place that’s welcoming and designed to uplift and support these women. And so therein lies the BBOP. It started as an idea that we could make come to fruition with our grand opening.

The BBOP is 10,000 square feet of space with 14 offices, three conference rooms, a huge cafeteria, and a childcare center made specifically for these women. So I’m excited about that.

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